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We've seen our unique process work...both on the side of the job seeker and the employer. But don't just believe us, hear from the people who've found new careers, perfect fits, and energized employees!

“Invisible Network helped us source strong and thoughtful software engineering candidates in a really tough market for employers.”

— CTO, Employer

Empowering job seekers

Invisible Network's platform is really well designed, the introductions are warm, and the very personal, consultative approach sets them apart from their competition. The details matter.
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Software Engineer
Invisible Network is a phenomenal service for both the employer and applicant. The team curated an awesome profile for me, posted it, and I was hired two weeks later.
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Senior Software Engineer
It is very difficult to find a job that matches all your criteria but Invisible Network quickly connected me with several employers that aligned with my career and personal growth goals. I accepted a position at one of those organizations, and now enjoy the work, people and purpose.
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Mobile Developer
I've never worked with a platform or team that so consistently cut through the noise and connected me with the places and people that were a genuine fit, not just a match. Invisible Network made me feel seen.
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Software Engineer

Helping employers make impactful hires

I've tried every method available — from websites, to consultants, to headhunting firms — to hire the right developers and came up short every time. Then I tried Invisible Network, and we found the developers we were looking for right away. The people on Invisible Network are vetted making them better than any other pool of people out there. We are no longer even using other services, just Invisible Network.
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CEO, Employer
We made our first hire through Invisible Network and a year later we have promoted that individual and the impact continues to be phenomenal. We'll be tapping Invisible Network more as we continue to grow our team.
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Co-Founder & CEO, Employer
We are Invisible Network superfans. We have made amazing hires through the process. Invisible Network is an amazing resource we lean on most often to grow our company.
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CEO, Employer
Invisible Network has helped us source strong and thoughtful software engineering candidates in a really tough market for employers. I love the mission and intention around creating meaningful connections.
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CTO, Employer