Invisible Network

Changing the process, one hire at a time

Matt Decuir
Hi, I'm Matt. I'm a Software Engineer, pizza enthusiast, and former Data Analyst. I worked with an external recruiter once and had such a bad experience that I vowed to never work with one again.
Invisible Network was designed to make the job search a better experience. Job seekers can anonymously share that they're looking for work, without alerting their current employers or getting spammed by recruiters.
For employers, we provide an inverted job board; you search from a list of qualified candidates who are open to new opportunities. The anonymized profiles help you reduce your own subconscious bias, allowing you to focus on skills and potential instead of name, gender, race, age, or physical ability. We call that a win-win.
Our service is free for job seekers. Employers pay a standard 10% success fee upon hire. More details can be found on the Pricing page.