Invisible Network

An anonymous job search platform that connects developers and employers through double opt-in introductions

Matt Decuir
πŸ‘‹Hi, I'm Matt
I founded Invisible Network with the belief that everyone deserves to have their dream job. Working off this belief, we've created a better experience for job seekers and employers alike. A more humane process built on mutual respect.
Flip the script on hiring
Invisible Network eliminates the strain of the current process with a unique approach.
Job seekers
  • Create a customized profile based on your ideal company and job
  • Stop wasting time tailoring dozens of applications only to never hear back
  • Hire quicker: Stop posting jobs then hoping for the best
  • Connect with developers easily through a list of available candidates
Job seeker list
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β€œI've never worked with a platform or team that so consistently cut through the noise and connected me with the places and people that were a genuine fit, not just a match. Invisible Network made me feel seen.”
β€” Job seeker
Anonymous profiles to reduce bias
Invisible Network's guaranteed anonymity means both sides can search with confidence.
Job seekers
  • Hunt in private with a de-identified profile
  • Trust that an employer wants to connect because of your skills and potential
  • Demonstrate your commitment to equity and inclusion by hiring with reduced subconscious bias
  • Focus on qualifications by viewing profiles without names and pictures
Anonymous profile
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β€œFor the two companies that connected with me, I knew that our values aligned since they were using Invisible Network to actively limit their own bias in the hiring process.”
β€” Job seeker
Fewer connections and better matches
One in five connections leads to a hireβ€”that's four times better than the industry average.
Job seekers
  • No spam: you'll only hear from us when we have opportunities with potential
  • Connect directly with hiring managers through personalized introductions
  • Skip straight to the most qualified candidates
  • Strengthen your bottom line and company culture with impactful hires
Personalized email
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β€œInvisible Network helped us source strong and thoughtful software engineering candidates in a really tough market for employers.”
β€” Employer